Ziggy Marley & Arsenals Ska at Luminato Festival

Ziggy Marley Kicks off “Fly Rasta” Tour at Toronto’s Luminato Festival!

Give The Kids a Voice

This past weekend one of the band’s our dad plays in, The Arsenals Ska band, performed live at our annual school fun fair and entertained the neighbourhood with their high energy antics and Dizzy (the trombone player)’s crazy silly dancing, jumping and sound effects that made everyone notice the live music. Most bands would have been tired out after such a high energy performance but The Arsenals were just warming up and that night they opened for Ziggy Marley at David Pecaut Square for Luminato Festival.

IMG_2266 2

Dad has opened for Ziggy’s Toronto shows in the past, with his other band Kidd Rasta and The Peacemakers but this was the first time our crew got to attend. It was also the day before Father’s Day AND dad’s birthday, so we were all very happy to spend the whole day and night watching him do what he loves to do best, play live…

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In The Studio with Kidd Rasta And The Peacemakers

Kidd Rasta And The Peacemakers – New Album Announcement

The Shakin' Jamaican

After a rather long extended winter, the time has come for Kidd Rasta to create some new music and the band is excited to record their latest album with Shaky J at Sidedoor Records.

Shaky has spent the last year as lead engineer at Sidedoor Records, working on projects like Anna Paul’s reggae-inspired version of “Ring of Fire” and Jay Douglas‘s “Stranger In The Night” and now he and Kidd Rasta will spend the summer putting together the band’s new album.


This new music will be the first project that is written, recorded and produced by the current members of the band who include; Clemente de Luca (Kidd Rasta) on lead vocals, Paul Nanuwa on drums, Stacey Y on keys and back up vocals, Mark Rynkun on bass and Shaky J on lead guitar. The album is being produced by Kidd Rasta & Shaky J and should be ready for…

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